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Quality Dog Boarding Service Nottingham & Derby

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Our kennel accommodation is suitable for all sizes and numbers of dogs including quiet areas for nervous animals with special kennels for working and guard dogs.  Your dog has separate day and night kennels and is personally handled between kennels twice daily.  Touch is very important to most pet dogs.

  • Both day and night kennels are cleaned daily with parvovirucide ensuring a clean, safe environment for your dog
  • Your dog is walked daily in our large grounds, on a one-to-one basis
  • A tara bed with soft bedding is provided day and night; this is changed every two days or more frequently if required.  Toys are supplied where appropriate
  • If your dog is with us for three or more days your dog is bathed and brushed to ensure no kennel smells
  • All kennel blocks are on a controlled temperature throughout the night
  • Food is provided to your requirements
  • Your dog is fully insured whilst with us for everything other than existing conditions
  • All staff looking after your dog are qualified and fully trained to do so
  • We are happy to give medications, both short and long term
  • If your dog is nervous in kennels we will spend whatever time is required to ensure that he/she comes round to enjoy their stay
  • Dogs are individually kennelled but able to see other dogs to keep them stimulated
  • Large family kennels are available on request
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