Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Compulsory Pet Health Insurance covers dogs for veterinary treatment in the event of accident or illness incurred whilst boarding at the kennels, up to a maximum value of £1500 per pet per boarding period. We reserve the right to use the vet of our choice and abide by any decisions he makes. The insurance does not cover the cost of treatment of any pre‐existing condition, such costs to be borne by the Owner.
  2. Pets are accepted and released (including collections and deliveries) during business hours only: (i.e. 9.00am to 5.00pm Daily all year. Closed for receipt or collection Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day), or by prior arrangement. Acceptance or release outside these hours will incur a surcharge of £60.00 plus VAT.
  3. Boarding charges are by the day; this includes the day of arrival and the date of leaving.
  4. In the event or your pet causing damage to any property or equipment during its stay in the kennels you will be charged for repairs or replacement.
  5. Babbington Hall Kennels reserve the right to change the accommodation for your pet if we feel it’s in the best interests of the animal concerned.
  6. Babbington Hall Kennels will endeavor to maintain and launder all beds, bedding and toys etc. brought to the kennels by the owner, however we do not accept liability for any article should it become lost, damaged or destroyed while at the kennels. It is therefore recommended that any article brought into the kennels or cattery should be such that if it is lost, damaged or destroyed it will not cause the owner, or the pet, distress.
  7. Every possible care and attention will be taken by the Boarding Kennel Owners. However, they cannot be held responsible for the loss of any pet from either illness or any other causes.
  8. If a pet needs veterinary attention for illness or injury Babbington Hall reserve the right to use the practice of their preferred veterinary surgeon.
  9. If the pet is not collected within fourteen days of the date on which it is due to leave the kennels and no communication is received from the pet owner, Babbington Hall reserves the right to dispose of the pet at its discretion.
  10. An up to date vaccine card with proof of yearly boosters and kennel cough vaccine given at least 14 days prior to entry to the kennels is needed for the dog to be accepted for boarding.  If this can not be provided, the dog can not be taken into the boarding kennels and no refund of any payments made will be given.